As part of MyWIN’s efforts, the academy has been organizing  the Performance. Empowerment. Acceleration. Knowledge.  (P.E.A.K.) Program – aimed at developing women leaders who will go on to become respected figures within their fields / industries.

What is P.E.A.K.?

 P.E.A.K. is a six-month leadership program with four physical touch points throughout, accompanied by periodical assessments at each touch point. P.E.A.K. has been designed to expose participants to an entirely new learning environment – both experiential and fun.

There will be a series of boot camps (one 4D/3N and three 3D/2N) that will cover the instilment of an innovative mindset, skillsets and competencies that are relevant to current and anticipated business demands. These competencies include innovation, creativity, leadership and communication – characteristics that are deemed important in an effective leader.

Who should join the P.E.A.K. Entrepreneur Track?

Ladies aged between 20 to 35 years old who owns an existing business.

Participants should be:

Open to new ideas and methods,

Understand the need for an innovative business mindset in the new economy, and

Committed to creating a better business environment for themselves and their community.

What are the expected program outcomes? 

Relationship-focused: Enhanced ability to capitalize on strengths of self and others

Results-focused: Enhanced ability to think strategically from a systems-perspective, focus on outcomes, and take a long view in decision-making

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Cultivation of creative and innovative thinking in business planning and resource management